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Always interested in self-knowledge themes, Rox identified herself with Astrology and, as a good Sagittarian, she has been studying the subject since she was a teenager. With a degree in Public Relations and Social Media Communication, she worked for years in large companies until she achieved her dream career transition. In 2018, she took her first training course in Astrology and since then she has been deepening her knowledge with the mission of empowering and strengthening people for a life journey more connected to their essence.


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I always believed that wisdom was the most precious thing I could have, and so I always connected with different experiences that would take me out of my comfort zone and bring me expansion of consciousness. It was already a process of self-development, which frankly, at the time I had no idea about. It was all very fluid, a natural and stimulating search in which I quickly found Astrology.
Can I blame my sign for this? Yes, I can. But I make a point of blaming two other people as well… I am the daughter of an Aquarian mother, and I learned from an early age to be collaborative, questioning and authentic, and the daughter of a Piscean father, who taught me to be independent, to discover the world and to fall in love with books.
From a very young age I was a great advisor to everyone around me, a situation that even brought me some discomfort for a period… “Why are you looking for me so much?”. But the truth is, in fact, that this remained true throughout my life, no matter where I was, I continued to be sought out for help in making decisions, for guidance, or simply because they felt better when talking to me. And I realized how happy it made me to know that in some way I was adding, because there was already within me the desire to help people become stronger and develop in their best version.
I graduated in Public Relations and, later on, took another course in Social Media Communication. I worked for 13 years in the corporate market in Marketing and CRM areas in large banking and telecommunication companies.
I have never left my passion for the stars aside, and the truth is that I have always studied the subject, but in 2018 I did my first training in Astrology and since then I started to do Astrological Map readings and deepen my knowledge more and more.

At the beginning of my work, a career transition seemed very utopian, but even so I kept following my heart, which was getting happier every day with my advances in this practice. As it was to be expected, the profession of Astrologer that I used to play in parallel with the corporate world was gaining protagonism in my life.
Through my own astrological chart I started to strengthen even more my essence and to pay attention to my inner voice, which had been telling me for a long time that my future was not in the corporate environment. And precisely because I knew the needs of my astral composition, so that I could fulfill this dream, I had as great partnerships the support of my husband and family, psychotherapy, family constellation, career transition mentoring, and the look of another astrologist – that only highlighted and helped me to use more of the powers that I already carried within me.
In 2021, taking advantage of the energy of an eclipse, I made that big move of independence and left the corporate world, but I won’t romanticize it. It is not easy at all, but without a doubt liberating and transforming.
Today, in addition to the chart reading sessions, I also offer workshops and consulting services that unite my knowledge of astrology with my experience in marketing and communication. I always guarantee services with warm energy, but also didactic and motivating, in order to fulfill my mission of empowering and strengthening people for a life journey more connected to their essence.